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Doing business and dealing with employees in India is very different from most other countries. India is a socialist state with a large dose of compassionate capitalism mixed in. Some of the most important differences are in the labour. Navigating this environment requires a lot of local knowledge and experience. Rishik Commodeal Services has the knowledge and experience that your organization needs to be successful in India

Some of the more critical aspects of employment law in India include:
Understanding the complex model that exists in India
Jurisdiction and choice-of-law in employment relationships.
Remuneration, including fixed remuneration, incentive pay and overtime payment
Rules on social contributions.
The employee’s right to time off during rest days and holidays, sickness, maternity leave, and any other absences.
Termination of employment.
Health and safety at work

The rights of workers and of the employers are to be found in what is collectively called labour law and is based on statutes, ordinances and regulations. Labour legislation has given workers the right to participation in decision-making at the workplace, the right to holidays, shorter working hours, a better working environment, and increased employment security. On the other hand the employers have been provided the right to layoff, lock out or retrench employees under certain conditions.